Resnet (Residence Life Network)

About Resnet (Residence Life Network)

The Residence Life Network, more commonly known as Resnet, provides students living in the Residence Halls and the Michigan Tech Apartments with high speed access to electronic resources both on campus and around the world. Resnet is covered in the room and board costs for all campus residents and is supported by IT User Services.

Resnet consists of both the University's network infrastructure and student-owned computers that make up the network. It also includes a group of talented operators and service providers who are available to make sure that users always have the access they need.

Resnet in the Residence Halls and Hillside Place Apartments

Resnet subscribers in the Residence Halls and Hillside Place Apartments have high speed access to Michigan Tech's campus network, including campus e-mail, library resources, network storage, and access to the Internet. The physical cables are Category 5 and 6 Ethernet lines that allow an optimal transfer rate of 100 Mbps.

Resnet with DSL in Daniell Heights

The Michigan Tech Resnet DSL Network is an "always-on"campus network service for the residents of Daniell Heights. This network service uses ADSL2+ (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) technology to provide up to 16 Mbps of bandwidth for downloads and 1 Mbps of bandwidth for uploads.

About IT User Services

IT User Services provides walk-in, phone, and in-room support to make sure you can connect to the technologies you need as you complete your academic work. The User Services staff understands that not being able to access these technologies can be frustrating and are deeply committed to quickly resolving any problems or questions should they arise.