Rovernet Wireless Data Network

Rovernet is a service available to all Michigan Tech students, staff, faculty, and their guests at no charge. Rovernet is designed to allow you to take your laptop or PDA and rove around campus to gain access to network resources (such as the web and e-mail).

There are two components to RoverNet. The first component consists of wireless hot zones found in most buildings on campus. The second component consists of wired Ethernet jacks located in a number of commons areas on campus.

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In order to fully utilize this service and gain access to the wireless network, you will need an SSL capable browser and a WiFi certified 802.11b/g/n wireless card for your laptop or PDA. You will then need to be in close proximity to one of the many wireless hot zones on campus.

In order to use Rovernet, you will need to configure your device to access one of the following wireless networks:

Once you have accessed the Rovernet wireless network, you will have the freedom of surfing the web and reading your e-mail, but without the wires.

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In addition to the freedom of wireless connectivity, Rovernet also provides individuals with the flexibility of accessing the University's network through network jacks located in a number of University commons areas on campus. In order to utilize this component of RoverNet, you will need an SSL capable browser, a standard Ethernet card, and an RJ-45 cable.