Michigan Tech Television Service

Telecommunications operates a Non-Cable MVPD / SMATV / Cable TV system to provide the Michigan Tech on-campus community with television programming.

The service includes dozens of broadcast, information, world, music, sports, and entertainment channels transmitted in 720p high definition digital format. The Channel Listing can be found in the Resources box to the right. If the channel numbers on your TV do not match the numbers in the Channel Listing file, try using the Alternate Channel Listing. A small subset of channels (2-13) are also available in traditional analog format.

The Michigan Tech television service is provided to tenants in all residence hall rooms and apartments. Television service is also available for a one-time set-up charge and an ongoing monthly fee in some academic/administrative buildings. Buildings where television service is available are listed here. Current service rates are available here.

Television sets

Most televisions produced after 2007 are able to receive all the channels on the Michigan Tech system. The user guide for the television should describe the set as "QAM", "QAM-256", "Clear QAM", or something similar.

If you do not have a digital-ready television, a converter box will be needed to view the HD digital channels. ClearQAM converters can be purchased online. Make sure the box you purchase can convert digital cable (QAM). Many digital converter boxes were manufactured in response to the broadcast channels converting to digital in 2009 and are limited to ATSC (over-the-air broadcast).