Telephone Equipment & Accessories

IP Phones (Digital System)

Through its partnership with Mitel Networks Corporation, Michigan Tech has enhanced the functionality of the University's telephone system by using IP telephony, also known as Voice-over-IP (VoIP).

IP Telephony integrates a single communications environment that delivers advanced applications to users, no matter where they are. It means higher productivity, faster decision-making and lower cost.

Mitel has a wide selection of attractive, easy-to-use IP devices to meet the needs of employees, managers, executives, and attendants. These IP devices provide quick access to the system's powerful features through programmable feature keys, softkeys, and menu-guided applications such as Call Forwarding and Call History.

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Cordeless Phone

Cordless Phones (Analog Lines)

Telcom offers cordless phones for lease to staff, faculty, and departments.


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Audio Conference Unit

Conference Phones

Telcom has several audio conference unit options available, which are suitable for small medium, or large meeting rooms. These full-duplex conferencing solutions can pick up sound all around the room, while limiting noise, so the people in your meeting can talk naturally, and be easily understood.

Telcom can provide conference phone setups for various locations on campus. These setups can include providing conference units on an 'as needed basis' or as a long-term arrangement.

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