About the Michigan Tech Voice Mail System

The Michigan Tech Voice Mail System will enhance the way you communicate by making it easy to play, send, and answer voice messages from any touchtone telephone in the world. All of your voice messages reside in your personal voice mailbox, which is protected by a pass code. Voicemail messages are deleted from the voice mail system after 15 days.

How you call into your mailbox will depend on whether you're calling from on campus or from off campus. It will also depend on how your voice mail service has been established. That is, it will depend on whether or not your phone line includes a single voice mailbox or multiple voice mailboxes.

Optional Voicemail to Email Service

Michigan Tech's Voicemail to Email service is an optional voice mail service feature provided through the University's NuPoint Unified Messaging (NP-UM) system. This service allows you to receive your messages through the Michigan Tech email system and lets you listen to and manage your voicemail messages using your desktop computer, laptop, or any other electronic device capable of receiving email and playing waveform audio (.wav) files.

Once a voicemail message has been sent via email, it is deleted from the voice mail system after 24 hours.

Optional Fax to Voicemail/Email Service

Michigan Tech's Fax to Voicemail/Email service is an optional feature provided through the University's NuPoint Unified Messaging (NP-UM) system. This feature works in conjunction with the University's Voicemail to Email Service and allows you to receive fax documents through your Michigan Tech email account rather than through a designated fax machine.

Optional Call Director Service

The Call Director service is an optional feature provided by the University's NuPoint Unified Messaging (NP-UM) system. This feature allows additional call flow features, such as playing additional messages, performing call transfers, etc. to be used when handling calls that cannot be answered in-person.

Requesting Voice Mail Services

  • Residence Halls/Hillside Place/Daniell Heights
  • Staff/Faculty/Others

Requesting Voicemail in the Residence Halls, Hillside Place, or Daniell Heights

Voicemail service is available free of charge with analog telephone service.

If you have already ordered the phone service, but did not request voice mail at the time of your order, you can do so now by completing our online request form.


Voice Mail Requests for Staff/Faculty/Others

Voice mail is available with each phone installation, however, you will need to notify Telcom if you wish to utilize the free voice mail service.

You can request Voice Mail Services by sending an email request to telcom-request@mtu.edu with "Voice Mail Request" as the Subject of the email.

Also include the following information at the time of your request:

  • Your name
  • Your department, building, room number, and phone number
  • The complete description of services needed including any optional services you would like to have included such as the voicemail to email service.
  • The account number you want charged (only if you are requesting an additional DID number with Voice Mailbox or the Call Director Service)
  • Any other relevant information, i.e., names and contact information of others involved with the service requested.