About the Fax to Voicemail/Email Service

Michigan Tech's Fax to Voicemail/Email service is an optional feature provided through the University's NuPoint Unified Messaging (NP-UM) system. This feature works in conjunction with the University's Voicemail to Email Service and allows you to receive fax documents through your Michigan Tech email account rather than through a designated fax machine.

There are two options available for this service. The first option utilizes your primary phone number to receive fax documents. This option is available at no additional cost to you. The second option utilizes a personal fax number feature that can be activated through the University's Telephone System. This option will provide you with a separate phone number for receiving fax documents and is available at a cost of $0.30 per month.

When someone sends a fax though this service, the system will place the fax message in your voicemail box and will send you an email with the fax document attached as a .tiff file. You will be able to view and manage the fax document using your desktop computer, laptop, or any other electronic device capable of receiving and viewing .tiff document files.

How it works

Option 1: Using your primary phone number

If you know that you are about to receive a fax message or you recognize that the incoming call is from a known fax machine, simply let your phone ring and allow the call to go directly to voicemail. If you happen to pick up the receiver and hear the 'fax' tone, you can press the designated 'fax to voicemail' button on your phone to send the call to your voicemail box. Once the fax is received in your voicemail box, the system will automatically generate the email with your fax document attached.

This option cannot be used with primary numbers that have been set up with special call characteristics including 'multi-call', where your primary number can be answered by other users. It also cannot be used with analog phones such as cordless phones or residence hall room phones.

Option 2: Using a personal fax number

With this option, you will be given a designated phone number to use for receiving fax messages. When a fax call comes into this number, the system will automatically send the call to your voicemail box. Once the fax is received in your voicemail box, the system will automatically generate the email with your fax document attached.

Managing your fax messages

Once you receive your fax documents through your email client, you will be able to manage them as you would any other email messages. That is, you will be able to save the messages, forward the messages, or delete the messages.

Just keep in mind that managing your faxed messages through your email client is done independently from managing them through the voice mail system. This also means that any messages deleted from the voice mail system will not affect what you have already received via email.

How to Request Service

This is an optional service available to all Michigan Tech voicemail users.

To request and activate this feature, send an email to telcom-request@mtu.edu with "Fax to Voicemail/Email" as the Subject of the email.

Also include the following information at the time of your request:

  • Your name
  • The option you are selecting:
    • Option 1: Primary Phone Number
      Note: If you are choosing Option 1, please include the University phone number where you wish to have the Fax to VoicemailEmail service activated
    • Option 2: Personal Fax Number
      Note: if you are choosing Option 2, please include the account number you want charged
  • Your Michigan Tech email address (or departmental group email address, if applicable)