Michigan Tech Television Service

Michigan Tech Television Service Availability

Michigan Tech's Television Service is available in the following buildings.

Bldg# Building Name
01 Administration Building
07 Electrical Energy Resources Center
08 Dow Environmental Sciences Building
13 Hamar House
17 Van Pelt and Opie Library
24 Student Development Complex
28 Rekhi Computer Science Hall
31 Douglass Houghton Hall (DHH)
32 Daniell Heights
35 Daniell Heights Nursery
34 Memorial Union Building
37 Wadsworth Hall
38 West McNair Hall
39 McNair Food Service
40 East McNair Hall
48 Hillside Place Residential Apartments

It can cost several thousand dollars to bring television service to a building that does not currently have it. Each building needs to be evaluated individually. Departments interested in having access to television services in their building should contact IT at it-help@mtu.edu for details.