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About the Michigan Tech Voice Network

Telcom supports a variety of voice services and systems for the campus community. Voice offerings include both analog and digital telephone service, voicemail, voice-recognition directory services, pagers, as well as local and long distance calling plans.

The University maintains its own legacy PBX for analog service in the residence areas, and operates a Mitel IP telephony system in the academic and administrative areas on campus.

Funding and Service Pricing Models

Michigan Tech charges a monthly fee for all telephone services. For the systems that Telcom maintains in house, the fees cover the cost of all the hardware, the software, hardware and software maintenance, telephone trunk costs, cable infrastructure maintenance, and the support service (DNS, DHCP, LDAP) costs of providing the telephone connection. The telephone service rates vary based on the features of the telephone sets. The charge does not cover the cost of the engineering staff that builds, designs, and troubleshoots the telephone system. These costs are covered by the University General Fund.

The service-pricing model is adjusted every year to reflect changes in costs for providing these services. Local and long distance calling is covered through usage charges. These services are provided by outside vendors. Pagers are also contracted through outside vendors.

Research and Development Initiatives for Michigan Tech's Voice Network

Telcom does not participate in 'pure' research initiatives. Rather, our focus is on investigating new technologies with a goal of finding cost-effective, well-engineered, and highly functional features or services that would benefit the Michigan Tech community or improve the performance, security, or reliability of the existing telephone systems.